Defence Archaeology Group

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Defence Archaeology Group isn’t just connected with Op NIGHTINGALETM. We have connections with various types of Organisation which all help us in a different type of way:

Waterloo Uncovered A charity that combines world-class archaeology with veteran care and recovery.

See link to website here:

Breaking Ground Heritage Breaking Ground Heritage is a Community Interest Company designed by ex- forces personnel and senior archaeologists in order to facilitate a recovery pathway for injured personnel.

See link to website here:

University of Leicester The university supply archaeologist that come and join the military personnel on Op NIGHTINGALETM excavations.

have a look at their website:  

Vindolanda Trust The Trust encourages people of all ages and abilities to enrich their present and future by learning from the past.

See link to the website here:

Op NIGHTINGALE USA Promoting the well-being of Wounded Warriors through field archaeology.

See the link to their website here:

British Army The British Army securing Britain in an uncertain world.

See the link to the website here:

Wessex Archaeology One of the UK’s leading heritage practices, and an educational charity.

See link to website here: